Magnet Magic and Paleo

By mid October of 2012, I’d given up.

I was feeling a little better physically by switching to a strict Paleo diet.  That change alone has done wonders for my weight, my strength and the chronic “brain fog”.

I stopped using iodized table salt and started using Sea or Himalayan salt only. You would be shocked how sodium might be contributing to your aggressive anger and excessive bloating/water retention.

I can’t eat out anymore and grocery trips take twice as long because I read every label before it goes in my basket!  I wrote about my experience with salt  in another post….

I was drinking green tea with fresh lime juice every morning before I did anything else to begin detoxing my liver and neutralize the acid in my body.

But I still had no “good” weeks anymore.  The fear of PMDD caused a form of PTSD and the stress of that combination forced my adrenal glands to fail.

When I could find the energy, I’d  try to do an easy workout that caused me to crash for days.  When I say crash…I mean I slept for 20 hours at a time each day with my teens having to bring water and snacks to recover.

If I did start to feel better… luteal phase would begin and depression would pull me into it’s black, cold, merciless grip.

I lived in fear of PMDD.  I lived in fear of depression and lived in fear this might be the month I have the courage to end the curse of PMDD and take my life.

The cycle was vicious and endless.

….until God heard my cry and sent an angel, from across the ocean, into my life.

Please, if you have PMDD do not take lightly what I am going to suggest.  It’s going to sound simple and too good to be true.  But why not?  Why can’t the solution be simple?

I am connected to beautifully strong, tormented women all over the world in Facebook forums for those fighting the daily battle of PMDD.

I read the stories of others to keep from feeling so alone, especially those sleepless nights when my husband was deployed.  I kept seeing posts about the “Lady Care Magnet”.  I grew curious, but after years of trial and error including being cut open to check for endometriosis , I was a little skeptical….  No, I was a lot skeptical.

But God was leading me into a cross roads.  One sleepless night, I saw a generous offer from a woman from the UK.  

She was sending out Lady Care Magnets to women all over the world.

She was using her tithe to buy and ship them.  It took me a few days to ask her to mail me one…in the end though, I decided I had absolutely nothing to lose.

The Lady Care Magnet is designed for women going through menopause, but Julie’s theory was: If it regulates hormones from menopause, why wouldn’t it regulate hormones for women with severe PMDD?

My plan was to set up an appointment for a  complete hysterectomy as soon as possible and I refused to put another anti depressant or birth control pill in my body, so why not just give the magnet a shot?

I’ve been wearing the magnet non-stop for three cycles now.

And for the first time in 3 years I didn’t sink into the darkness.

PMDD has crippled me and destroyed relationships since I was a teen, but it was not a  monthly occurrence  until 2009.  Prior to that, it would hit really hard about every three or four months.

Now, it was coming every month and each month worse than one before.

The first cycle in October was almost euphoric.  I was still exhausted from adrenal fatigue, but I wasn’t depressed.  I didn’t know what to do with all the extra hours in my day.

I stayed away from the PMDD group.  I stopped blogging and sharing, because I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing and I certainly wasn’t going to share and give anyone false hope if it was a coincidence.

Since sadness didn’t overtake me in October, I had a few extra weeks to really focus on food and what I was putting in my body.

When depression takes over, it’s impossible to really care so eating properly becomes hit and miss.

For the first time, I could follow through with a little exercise and eliminate sugar, flour and all processed foods.

By the luteal phase in November, I was able to finish a P90X routine.  I wasn’t craving sweets.  I didn’t need a nap to get through the day anymore.

Depression didn’t hit again….

By December, I started to make plans to work again.  All muscles pain was gone.  Exhaustion was gone.  I could workout for over an hour.  (Sometimes, I crashed because my adrenals were still healing, but nothing like before)

Depression still did not come.

I’ve had a total of three days since November where I’ve felt paralyzingly unsocial, anxious, scared, insecure….all the normal feelings I used to face every month for weeks.

My observation:

I believe the magnet has lifted my paranoia and depression.

In turn, I was able to be consistent in my need to eliminate the wrong foods and add healthy alternatives.

The food, exercise and lack of stress from the PMDD is causing my adrenals to heal for the first time in years.

The result is a miracle.

I can still feel the symptoms deep inside of me and if I take the magnet off too long, they creep back in very quickly.  The magnet just seems to hold everything back and draws the shades back to let a little light in….

It’s the combination of the magnet, exercise and food choices, not one or the other.

I cannot thank God enough  for sending Julie Anne right when I lost my last strand of hope and allowed the restoration of my marriage, motherhood and my life.

For those of you who haven’t had success using the magnet, you might have additional issues the magnet cannot reach.

Food choices and exercise might need to be considered as well.

The combination might just be the answer you are looking for….Don’t give up until you’ve tried both solutions at the same time!

(Also, I learned the magnet cannot be used with progesterone cream or birth control.  It will conflict with any other hormone regulation or correction.)

God bless each of you as you are searching for your own answers.

***Update on 1/7/2013:  I forgot to mention…sometimes, when I wear the magnet during my “good” weeks, it will swing my hormones too far and I am super sleepy.  I take it off on those days and the tiredness lifts within minutes.  You just have to pay close attention to your body!


One of the first times my smile was not forced through PMDD. So grateful….


2 thoughts on “Magnet Magic and Paleo

  1. It made me very happy to read this! Enjoy tour life!

    • Laura says:

      🙂 It made me happy to write it. I wanted three months of no symptoms before I announced the the success of the magnet and food choices. I will update if anything changes…. xxx

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